Setting up Digital Ocean provider for Vagrant

Use Digital Ocean as a platform to provision your Vagrant instances.

I recently tried provisioning a Digital Ocean instance using Vagrant and failed. All references on the Interwebs seem to be quiet old (from 2013) and seem to use V1 of the Digital Ocean API.

Writing Slack integrations in Clojure

Slack integrations are awesome, in this series we'll develop an integration which will help us do something useful.

I’ve been playing a lot with Slack lately. At Mazira, it has become an integral part of our workflow, and it hasn’t been very long since we started using it. Some things are love at first sight and I feel Slack is one of them.

Playing with Dates

Clojure's composability to build dates using clj-time

Build small self contained units of code (possibly pure) and combine them to make them do more complex stuff.

JSON Web Services with Clojure

Go through a quick exercise to make writing JSON Web Services a breeze, a fun filled breeze.

Less reading more coding.


A tool to manage downloads from FTP/SFTP servers.

I am starting to learn Clojure, just because its full of badassary and would help lessen the work stress.